If you see I have extra cards or sets that you'd want but happen to see that your extras wouldn't help me out, please contact me anyway as I have been known to take singles or sets for those that I haven't started yet.


Determing card value:

I use Non-Sport Update (NSU) to determine the card values in a trade. If a particular set of cards isn't listed in the most recent guide I have, I'll look to see if it was featured in the next most recent issue, etc. In many cases NSU doesn't list prices for individual cards to a base set or a particular chase card set. I determine those card values by taking the number of cards in the set and dividing it by the set price. I then take that amount and multiply by the number of cards involved in that portion of a trade and round up or down accordingly. Determing values this way makes it easier to trade across different sets, which I'm very open to doing. With cards that are not priced in NSU I take a similar set and use those prices and attempt to make a comment in my e-mail on what information I'm basing the value on.


Holding cards and checking for damage:

While a trade is being negotiated I will place a hold on them until the trade is finalized. If a trade is underway and I don't hear back from you within a week during our trade discussions, I may remove the cards from hold and make them available to others. If you know that there'll be a delay of a week or more, please let me know ahead of time. In some cases I may contact you and mention that someone else is looking for the same cards and just verifying that you still want me to hold them for you.

Before the trade is finalized I make sure that the cards are indeed available by physically taking them out of my extra boxes and inspect them for any noticable damage. If I don't mention any damage during a trade or on my lists online, than consider the cards to be in Excellent to Near Mint/Mint condition. Likewise, please inform me if any of the cards you find from my want list are in less than Excellent to Near Mint/Mint condition. As far as Star Trek and Star Wars Collectable Card Game cards, all of the cards I have are in unplayed condition and I'm only looking for the same.


Finalizing the trade:

When I believe the trade proposal is basically over and just awaiting finalization, I'll ask for your approval and mailing address. When your address is received I'll know you're happy with the trade proposal and I'll inform you of my mailing address. Once we exchange addresses I prefer we mail each others cards no more than a few days apart from each other.


Packaging and sending cards:

I package the cards I send in such a way I'd like to receive them myself. I use multiple packing methods depending on the size and number of cards involved. When using a top loader to protect a card inside of it, I use a soft sleeve for protection and would appreciate you doing the same. If you're concerned about any of this, please contact me before we send the cards to one another.

If the trade is within the U.S., I'll automatically insure the package if the stated value of your portion of the cards is $50 or more. When the value is less than $50 I'll usually purchase delivery confirmation if we haven't traded before. After the cards ship, I'll contact you to let you know.


Receiving cards:

I'll contact you to let you know when the cards arrive in my possession and would appreciate the same courtesy in return, even if delivery confirmation was purchased.


If you believe that these policies and guidelines are out of line, or think I should add something to them, please contact me before the trade is finalized.



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