Everyone listed below I've traded with and had a good experience with. I wouldn't hesitate trading with any of them again.

Click the to send e-mail and/or click the to proceed to their website. The date and year is when our last trade was conducted. If you've traded with me in the past and you're not listed below and would like to be, please let me know.

If you discover an invalid e-mail address or a linkage error from my site to another, please let me know and I'll check into it. Please inform me if you're listed below and have changed your e-mail or website information.


Dan Abend March 2008 - Has old Non-Sports card sets he's trying to complete

Eugene Alex February 2005 - A few Non-Sport card sets and sells sets and inserts 1980's-90's sci-fi mostly

Jeff Allender May 1997 - Non-Sports cards. Lots of items.

Bassam Abdul-Baki January 2006 - Non-Sports cards (mostly Marvel)

Jeff Baumert December 2009 - Out of collecting as of last contact

Louis Brenton July 2012

Anthony Damata March 2008

Jesse Davis March 2005

Richard Dunbar September 2008 - mostly collects Non-Sport trading card base sets

Charles Fox February 2008

Karen Gorrell January 2015 - At this time is just attempting to complete existing sets of Non-Sport trading cards

Michael Hayes January 2005

Mark Haynes February 2008 - Non-Sports cards (mostly vintage and sci-fi w/lots of Star Trek and Star Wars)

Erik Hotton August 2014

Heather Jacob January 2005

Dr. John G. Keating May 2007 - Out of collecting as of last contact

Aaron Kerby November 2014 - Hot Wheels, M2, Greenlight and Ecto-1's

Larry Knox April 2008

Andrew Leonard May 2006

Jeff Lesnik February 2005

LMA March 2005

Terry McColley April 2010

Shawn McGinnis October 2010

Larry Mendel January 2007

Scott Mitchell June 2010

Dave Moulder March 2005

Shadows at Night February 2005 - Non-Sports cards mainly from the 60's and 70's

Richard Newstead March 2005

Wayne Paton March 2005

Mike Pearce November 2014 - Hot Wheels, M2, Greenlight & WWE Figures

Nick/Susan Povey March 2005

David Rice January 2008

Gerald D Russello June 2007

Kathy Ridz April 2006 - Non-Sports Cards

Fred Scribner January 2011 - Non-Sports cards including Promos also collects Hot Wheels.

Thomas Scribner June 2014 - Non-Sports cards including promos, Disney, Star Trek, Star Wars and The Walking Dead

Steve Smith February 2007

Wayne Sot February 2006

Jim Spurrier May 2008

Troy Thorstad September 2008

Markus Vincon February 2008

Robert Weasner May 2007

Simon Whiting July 2008

Al Widrowicz October 2014 - Non-Sports trading cards


I've traded with at least one individual from each green state below. Please contact me if we've traded and I've failed to mark your state green.


I've also traded with individuals in:


New South Wales, Australia

British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario in Canada

Derbyshire and Norfolk in England

Marburg, Germany

Maynooth, Ireland

Trondheim, Norway

Alicante and Madrid in Spain


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