*****The following table is for instructional purposes only and might not reflect what I need or have for this set.*****

Name, Year and Manufacturer
Singles wanted
Inserts wanted
Extra Singles
Extra Inserts
Extra Set

Mork & Mindy

19, 29, 29x2, 34, 36, 37, 39x2, 44 x2, 48x2, 53, 54, 57x2, 62, 64, 70x2, 71x2, 75, 78x3, 79x3, 83, 84, 85x3, 87, 88, 93x2, 95x3, 97, 98, 99x2
Stickers: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 14, 19
1, 7, 9, 11x3, 13, 14, 15x2, 16, 17, 18x2, 21, 22x2, 26x2, 28, 30x2, 31x2, 33x2, 35x2, 45, 49x2, 50, 55, 59x2, 60x3, 66x2, 68, 72, 73x5, 74x2, 80x2, 82, 86, 91, 91
Stickers: 7x3 (most have what looks like tire tracks across their faces).

1st column: The name of a particular card set, followed by the year it was produced, and by which manufacturer if known. You may also notice a front and rear scan of an example card from that set. You should be able to click on that to bring up a larger image. I'm including the image as a reference for both of us, please take the time to reference the image presented as we are conducting our trade. If a picture is not displayed than contact me if you're able to provide a scan of one and I'll provide the dpi and other settings I'd like the card scanned in so that the images are uniform in appearance. I'll take care of stitching the front and back scans together.

2nd column: Singles (base cards) that I want/need to complete a set or sets.

3rd column: Insert (or chase) cards I want/need to complete a set or sets.

4th column: Extras of the base cards I have available for your needs/wants.

5th column: Extras of the inserts (or chase) cards I have available for your needs/wants.

6th column: Extra base or insert set I have available for your needs/wants.

7th column: The most recent date that any changes were made to any columns for the set.

*If a column is blank than I don't need or have any.

Colored and highlighted cards in columns 2 through 6 mean there are trades being negotiated for them. Please don't offer them to me or ask me for them. I'll assign you a color that is valid for the current trade we're negotiating, each individual will have their separate color. Say we trade this month, I may elect to set you up as being BLUE, however later after this trade is over and we decide to try and trade again, your color may be RED as someone else may be assigned BLUE.

In the case of wanting or having available more than one of the same card of a particular set, you'll notice an x after either the card number or name, ie; 35x6; this means that I want or have 6 card #35's.

Therefore, in this example, you'll notice that in column 2 card #29 has been offered to me by GREEN, yet I still want/need two other card #29's. In column 4 you'll notice that card #1 has been spoken for by YELLOW and #91 is wanted/needed by GREEN. While I don't have an extra of card #1, I do have another of card #91 that you'd be welcome to ask for. Also, in this example I don't have any extra sets. If I did, you would see a YES in the 6th column.

After our trade has been approved by both parties I'll update my extras columns and remove the cards that are being sent. The information in my wanted/needed columns will remain highlighted in the particular color I assigned you until I receive those cards.

I hope that this detailed explanation makes sense to you. If not, please contact me regarding what isn't understood and I'll try to explain it differently.



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