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Welcome to my Trading Card pages. If this is your first visit to my page or you have never traded with me before, I'd recommend checking out my trading policies and guidelines.


If you find that I have extra cards that you want but you don't find any that I want, don't hesitate to contact me as I may be willing to sell them to you or better yet, trade for singles or sets you may have extras of that I haven't started yet.


Card sets are listed alphabetically with the initial 'The' and 'A' or 'An' being ignored. Real people are listed by their last name unless they are more well known by their first name, e.g., the artists Boris and Olivia. Fictional characters such as Austin Powers or James Bond are listed as a title and can be accessed by visiting the pages that start with the letter "A" or "J" respectively. Star Trek and Star Wars can only be found on their own individual pages and not on the letter S page. Pirates! the Constructible Strategy/Pocket Model game by WizKids Games is on it's own page as well.


The main genre I want and have extras for are Non-Sports, you may click on any of the below groupings to visit those areas.


Non-Sports genre including CCG:

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Star Trek wants and extras

Star Wars wants and extras

Complete Index of Non-Sports


Adult cards:

Adult card wants and extras


Sports Cards:

Sports card wants and extras



Please visit my list of references for trading cards online