updated: 2/6/10

In 1993 Steve Balderrama and I formed PHITS (Punching Holes In The Sky) in Fort Collins, Colorado and I acted as president for 4 years.

I started losing interest in model rocketry, due in part of meeting a wonderful woman and marrying her in the fall of 1996. Shortly thereafter, Mark Casteel, a charter member, assumed the responsibility of being president and did many great things for PHITS, including finding a better launch site and getting the group recognized as a section of the National Association of Rocketry.

In May 2002, Punching Holes In The Sky merged with Tripoli Rocky Mountains and are now known as NCR (Northern Colorado Rocketry.) You may keep up with their activities here:


The following are pictures of my rocket fleet. As more are finished they will be added.



I would like to make others aware of a company I have purchased rockets and or parts from numerous times. BRS Hobbies carries merchandise from the following companies; ASP, Custom, DynaStar, Edmonds, Estes, FlisKits, Peter Alway, Scale Kits, Semroc and Sunward. The owner of BRS Hobbies is Brian Swanson and is great to work with. I would recommend anyone considering purchasing model rocket related merchandise to check out their site by clicking on the logo below or going to!