updated: 3/16/08

Some people have asked me for the reason of the use of such a name and where it originally came from, I would like to go into some detail here for all to read should anyone else be wondering.


When I was younger a movie came out known as ALIEN and while I never did see it originally in the theaters I did see it on cable or satellite broadcast for the first time. I wanted to read the novelization of the book and upon doing so discovered a writer by the name of Alan Dean Foster. I liked the book; therefore I read more of his books and eventually ran across a character, which he created in one of his books that was named Flinx. The name just clicked with me and it rolls off of the tongue so easily. I started to use the name when playing computer adventure games, which required you to input one. I also used it on computer bulletin board systems. Eventually BBS's were no longer the thing with the popularity of the Internet gaining steam and eventually I joined this community.


As I soon discovered just using Flinx on different websites for my online identity I ran into some obstacles as the name was already in use. I came up with a solution to that by just adding my initials to the end, while it does not roll of the tongue as easy it sufficed and has worked so far. Funny thing about those initials is I do not care for that type of music!